Rewards Program

When you join the MoneyLetter Referral Program, you can get in on the action!

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Current members

3 Referrals = Key Financial Data
5 Referrals = Cool ML Stickers
10 Referrals = Lip Balm
15 Referrals = Credit Card Bottle Opener
25 Referrals = Baseball Cap
65 Referrals = Half a Year of MoneyLetter
100 Referrals = Designer Backpack
250 Referrals = Fitbit

When you share MoneyLetter Friends with your network, you will be able to
earn free goodies like stickers, T-shirts, and investment aids. It’s a win-win!

If you are already a MoneyLetter Friend you’re only a few steps away from earning rewards:

  • Share MoneyLetter Friends and start Earning Rewards by registering with the button below.
  • Step 1: Register with your name and email.
  • Step 2: Access your dashboard. On your dashboard, you will see the number of referrals and rewards you have earned.
  • Step 3: Earn Rewards. To earn rewards, you simply copy and share your referral link or click on one of the social media icons to share your referral link with your social media community. Once someone has signed up with your link, you will be credited
    “1 referral.” (See the rewards key above).

If you are already sharing MoneyLetter Friends and want to access your dashboard:

  • Click the login button below.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click the login button below and click “Forgot password?”
  • If you believe you have earned a reward but have not received it, visit our “Contact Us” page.

Joining MoneyLetter Friends is half the battle towards earning rewards.

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