A Subscription Mutual Fund and ETF Newsletter


Discover the power of informed investing with MoneyLetter.

A Subscription Mutual Fund and ETF Newsletter


Discover the power of informed investing with MoneyLetter.

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What Is MoneyLetter?

MoneyLetter is one of the most respected financial newsletters for mutual fund & Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) investors. For 45 years, MoneyLetter has provided timely information to help you make smarter investment decisions.

As a top performing investment newsletter, in both digital & print editions, MoneyLetter provides regular alerts, portfolio allocation recommendations, timely manager insights, industry news & economic updates.  Keep informed on funds to buy, hold or sell in your portfolio, on an objective basis, in an easy to follow format.

Why Independent Investors Choose MoneyLetter

Timely News and Information

MoneyLetter provides up-to-date industry news, market analysis, and trend information to ensure your investment strategy keeps pace with the evolving market

Proven Track Record

MoneyLetter has been providing thorough market analysis and sound investment advice for more than 40 years. Not convinced? See our long-term performance.

Objective Insights

Our experienced team of contributing professionals provide a disciplined process founded in academic rigor and advanced risk mitigation procedures to help you build your portfolio.

What to Expect With Your MoneyLetter Subscription

1. Thorough Analysis

Overviews of the market and fund recommendations

2. Industry Statistics

Monthly data on more than 850 funds and 200 top-performers.

3. Mutual Fund Profiles

In-depth reviews of
the top mutual funds.


4. Fixed Income Strategy

Corporate, high-yield, international,
and strategic funds

5. Access to Experts

Direct access to MoneyLetter’s Investment Committee via Mailbox feature.

6. Market Trend Analysis

A 12-month trailing trend and “look ahead” on several key economic indices.

Ready to Take Your Investment Strategy Up a Notch or Two?

At MoneyLetter, our goal is to provide you with the information and resources you need to build a successful investment strategy and diversified portfolio. Get your hands on our market insights and recommendations and take your investment strategy to the next level. 

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