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MoneyLetter is an award-winning mutual fund newsletter with analysis and recommendations from a team of mutual fund & ETF experts.

Combining Investing & Education Since 1980

Over the last 40+ years, MoneyLetter has received recognition and numerous awards for outstanding publishing content and financial insights. In challenging economic times and during particularly strong markets, MoneyLetter, our mutual fund and ETF newsletter, has proven itself as a reputable source of financial news and analysis. Learn more about our history and performance through the years below:

Donoghue’s MoneyLetter launched by nationally-known financial author William E. Donoghue

MoneyLetter named “Best Financial Advisory” newsletter by the Newsletter Association (now Specialized Information Publishers’ Association).

Moneyletter+ is first published as an extra resource for subscribers

MoneyLetter’s Conservative model portfolio posts its 13th consecutive year without a loss

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MoneyLetter is named to the Forbes Honor Roll (as calculated by the Hulbert Financial Digest) for its performance

Post-bear market performance for 2003 is announced, MoneyLetter Venturesome model beats market by 17%

MoneyLetter is named to the 2011 Hulbert Digest Honor Roll

MoneyLetter celebrates its 40th year

MoneyLetter welcomes it’s new publisher: Asset Strategy Innovation Group

Our Mission

At MoneyLetter, we provide you with the information and resources to build a successful investment strategy and diversified portfolio. We deliver timely market analysis, asset allocation guidance, and Mutual Fund/ETF recommendations for individual investors to take your investing to the next level. Our goal is to provide valuable and relevant information to help you make smarter investment decisions.

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