How does an individual investor make money during these trying economic times? Which investments are “in tune” with current conditions, and which are yesterday’s shooting stars? What investments should I make now to take advantage of profit opportunities? “The 10 Best Mutual Funds & ETFs to Buy Right Now” provides you with the answers to these questions. MONEYLETTER chose these top-performing funds that are positioned to deliver strong relative returns over the next 6 months or more. They are specially picked for the investor looking to construct a sensible, diversified portfolio for the next market cycle.

 MONEYLETTER utilizes a proprietary system for ranking each of the funds within their sectors. Those with the highest rankings are expected to turn in strong relative returns given what’s going on now – whether those conditions are positive, negative, or neutral. In MONEYLETTER’s monthly issues you’ll see a fund’s current ranking, along with where the fund placed one month ago and six months ago. That way, you can easily see if a fund is moving up or down in rank. 

Why mutual funds & ETFs? With mutual funds you get professional management, diversification, liquidity and service; with Exchange-Traded Funds it’s trading efficiency and flexibility. If you were to manage your own portfolio of stocks, you would have to spend a great deal of time researching, selecting, and monitoring hundreds of individual securities to construct a diversified portfolio that you hope will outperform the market. Then you would have to keep tabs on each of these securities – a daunting task. Moreover, it can take a large sum of money to construct a stock portfolio. 

Subscribers know the value of our mutual fund and ETF rankings. J.H. of Oak Lawn, IL said, “Thank you for your advice. I truly enjoy MONEYLETTER and as a long-time subscriber I must say ‘thank you’ for your guidance, which has permitted me to take early retirement!” 

This Special Report is your guide to making money with mutual funds and ETFs. Sharpen the pencil, pick up the phone or your mouse, and get started. So, without further delay, here are “The Top 10 Mutual Funds to Buy Right Now” … 

“The 10 Best Mutual Funds & ETFs to Buy Right Now” 

(data from the August 2022 issue of MONEYLETTER) 

Ticker  Fund  Type  1 yr. Ret  Beta  Trading 
MUHLX  Muhlenkamp  LC  10.3%  1.03  FSA 
RPV  INVESCO S&P 500 Pure Value ETF  LCVal  6.4  1.30   
BRSVX  Bridgeway Small-Cap Value  SCVal  6.5  1.12  fsa 
PARWX  Parnassus Endeavor Investor  LC  -9.2  1.27  FSA 
TWEBX  Tweedy, Browne Value  Global  -5.4    fsa 
MCHFX  Matthews China  Pacific  -32.0    FSA 
GATEX  Gateway Fund A  Hybrid  -6.6  0.47  FSA 
FFRHX  Fidelity Floating Rate High Income  BnkLoan  -0.9    Fsa 
THOPX  Thompson Bond  IntTerm  -4.4    FSA 
T. Rowe Price Cash Reserves  MMF  7-day yield  1.49% 
**Bonus  Tax-Exempt Money Fund Alternative: 
Vanguard Municipal MMF/Inv  TFMMF  7-day yield  0.55% 
Trading:  NTF/wtf: NO TRANSACTION FEE/with transaction fee. (F/f) for Fidelity, (S/s) for Schwab, (A/a) for TD Ameritrade. 


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Note: With the goal of constructing a diversified, risk-conscious portfolio in tune with today’s markets we provide 4 Domestic Stock Funds, 2 International Stock Funds,1 Specialty Fund, 2 Bond Funds, and 1 Taxable Money Market Fund (plus a bonus Tax-Free MF). Check the latest issue of MONEYLETTER for current analysis and portfolio recommendations. 


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