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We offer two subscription tiers: MoneyLetter Friends and our flagship publication MoneyLetter. We also offer a weekly supplement to our MoneyLetter subscription known as MoneyLetter Plus. Please consider subscribing digitally to reduce the impact on the environment and speed up your delivery.

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(Bronze Level)

Free tools and market updates for the Do-It-Yourself investor looking to increase understanding & experience, including:

  • A Sample MoneyLetter Issue
  • The Weekly Market Minute (our free video update)
  • MoneyLetter Moments (financial news/topical stories)
  • Our MyRisk Assessment Tool – What Type of Investor Are you?
  • Special Reports and Additional Wealth-Building Aids
  • Social Media Updates
  • Share MoneyLetter Friends – Earn Rewards!

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  • Free
  • Completely Digital


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The Subscription

(Silver Level)

Market analysis and recommendations for the individual investor. Includes:

  • MoneyLetter: The Flagship Publication (now in our 42nd Year). Published monthly
  • MoneyLetter Models Portfolios for Conservative, Moderate, and Venturesome investors
  • Fidelity & Vanguard Models
  • Fund Scorecards
  • 4 Fund Profiles
  • In-Depth Fund Profiles
  • The MoneyLetter Hotline (key recommendations and updates every week)

Pricing Options

  • Digital – $132/year
  • Digital – $70/6 Months
  • Print – $ 170 year


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Premier Subscription


(Gold Level)

Two Newsletters! Get the most out of your investments. Includes:

  • Everything from our MoneyLetter Silver Level
  • MoneyLetter Plus: Our 19-page weekly supplement to MoneyLetter.
    • ML Plus features:
      • Weekly updates on all 875+ funds in our database
      • The T. Rowe Price model portfolio
        • The ML Plus Select ETF model
      • Tips on how to make the most of both subscriptions
      • Expanded Muni bond fund coverage
        • Weekly focus on the funds held in the MoneyLetter and ML Plus model portfolios

With the Premier Level subscription, you’ll also get access to:

  • Our Financial Wellness App
  • Complete Financial Planning Services
  • Managed account services: 2 Options, Pick the One That’s Right for You!

Pricing Options

  • Digital – $229/year
  • Digital – $129/6 Months
  • Print – $269/year
  • Print – $169/6 Months

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